6 Signs That a Backyard Deck Needs to Be Replaced Rather Than Repaired

Have you been thinking about completely replacing the deck in your backyard or repairing your current one? At Decks & Patios, we have all the resources to help upgrade your balcony or fully replace it. In this blog, we tell you the 6 signs that a backyard deck needs to be replaced rather than repaired and what you should be looking out for if you’re looking to renovate your deck before the new year.

1. Erosion around the Post

If you notice erosion around the posts supporting your deck, this could mean it’s time to replace it. Throughout time, the movement of water around the base of the deck can wear down each post. Advanced erosion occurs when concrete becomes visible, and the deck starts to wobble or become unstable and sink into the earth.

2. Extensive Deck Surface Damage

If you can visibly see extensive deck surface damage, like cracking or breakages, then this is a tell-tale sign that you need to replace your back deck. Once the wood on your deck has gotten too rotted or damaged, it can cause mold and start to sink into the foundation.

3. Gaps Between the Deck & House

If there are gaps or cracks between your deck and your house, this can be a big problem. This can mean that your deck is slowly separating from your home and that the boards are damaged or broken. This is a severe safety hazard since someone could trip or get caught in the gap, or the deck could collapse. If you need to replace your outdated deck, speak to one of our Decks & Patios experts.

4. Rotten Posts

If your deck posts are rotted, you should stop using your deck immediately. Rotted wood can become moldy and highly unsafe since the deck has a higher chance of collapsing. Replacing your deck is essential if it gets to this point and is one of the primary signs out of the 6 signs that a backyard deck needs to be replaced rather than repaired!

5. Unstable Railings 

Unstable railings or benches can affect the top of your deck just as much as the supporting framework. Railings that are wobbly or that lean outwards are a safety hazard and cause for concern. Ensure that your railing is attached to the wood of your deck. However, if the wood is warped or soft, it is time to replace it officially.

6. Widespread Discoloration & Stains

If you notice significant discoloration or stains on or around your deck, this could be an issue. Although light fading isn’t anything to worry about, widespread discoloration usually means there’s an underlying issue, so you’ll probably need to start thinking about replacing your deck.

Why You Should Choose Decks & Patios!

Are you thinking about making upgrades to your backyard deck? Make sure to go over these 6 signs that a backyard deck needs to be replaced rather than repaired if you’re thinking about making upgrades to your back deck. If you’re ready to transform your house with a new deck, give Decks and Patios a call at (866) 572-0527 or click here for a free quote!