How to Prevent Your Wood Deck from Warping

Warping deck boards are not fun. Here’s how to prevent them from warping!

One of the most common conundrums of wood decks is warping. There are various types of warping, such as longitudinally and horizontally, but both are troublesome nonetheless. One can fix the problem by either moistening the wood and drying it back into shape or just replacing the board altogether. However, there are also several ways to prevent your deck from warping in the first place.

Use High-Quality Wood

The very first step to preventing your deck from warping is to use high-quality wood. The type of wood and the type of cut are crucial in how well the boards will hold their shape over time. You can ask Decks and Patios Installation professionals about what kind of woods work best and what advice they can give on the durability of each kind.

Screw It Down

Deck joists should not be too far apart, and each board should be screwed into the joists at three intervals, so it does not move anywhere, at each end and at the midpoint. At each interval, there should be two screws to keep both sides of the board in place lengthwise. Longer screws are better; ask Decks and Patios Installation deck experts what length they would recommend.

Make Kerf Cuts

Kerf cuts are small grooves along the length of deck boards that help relieve tension and thus prevent warping. These grooves might go up to halfway through the board and are evenly spaced. One might see one, two, or three kerf cuts per board.

Bark Side Down

There is a massive debate on whether to lay deck boards bark side up or down. Some say that down is better, as it will better keep the shape that way. Ask deck experts at Decks and Patios Installation for more insight into this!

Seal the Deck

Lastly, sealing the deck can help protect your deck from the elements in the first place. The reason a deck board warps is because it gets wet and different parts of it dry at different rates. Sealing the deck boards will make them more waterproof and protect them against dirt and other damage as well.

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